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Believe It Or Not, Print Is Not Dead

It might be the 21st century. You can do everything from your phone. And convincing anyone to read a print version instead of an electronic one might be a challenge, but print is not dead.

There are several reasons why we still need print sources today.

If you ever find yourself needing printing solutions, they are not nearly as far away as you think.

Print helps you remember

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If there’s one reason why print will never truly disappear, it’s because reading or writing a printed source is better for memory retention. In one study, 84% of participants said they could remember better with printed materials.

Print, you can touch

For as long as there are book lovers in the world, there will always be print. There is just something about the tactile nature of print that is more satisfying than scrolling on a screen. Not to mention it’s better to teach young children the value or tactile books, opposed to electronic ones.

Print is preferred for navigation

Google Maps might be helpful, but to truly get an idea of where you’re going, most people prefer large, print maps, where you can see the entire view on large scale.

If it’s printed, you can believe it

Since it hardly takes any effort at all to publish anything online these days; Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc., you can’t always believe what you read. On the other hand printed sources have more credibility because it takes much more effort to get the truth printed.

Print is healthier

Even if this isn’t 100% true for the trees, for example, it is healthier for your eyes. Screen reading puts unnecessary strain on the eyes, and nor is the ‘bluelight’ affect good for the eyes.