Cool Technology That We Now Have

Technology has jumped by leaps and bounds.  From the punch cards to artificial intelligence, the world of technology is growing faster and faster.  Looking back at technology devices such as rf power dividers, circuit boards and even dip switches may seem as if they were futuristic when they were first invented.  Today, we have digital displays and virtual environments.  It makes you wonder what the future will hold.


Drones are probably one of the coolest things that we have now from the advancement in technology.  Similar to remote controlled airplanes these drones allow us to fly, do tricks and much more.  With different accessories these drones can be equipped with cameras, GPS location and much more.  Law enforcement agencies are using drones as ways to do surveillance and even rescue missions.

Spy Cameras and Recording Devices

Technology has given us the ability to record our world.  With sites like YouTube popping up all over the world, we can now take technology to document everything that we do.  Some of these devices are spy cameras, web cams and other recording devise.  These devices can be found in our cars, our homes and more.  The legal and ethical question has been raised as to if this is an invasion of privacy or is it something that will we just all have to deal with.

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Digital footprints

With all of this technology we now have a digital footprint that follows us everywhere.  We can be tracked by our cell phones, GPS on our vehicles and even logging into our social media accounts.  With the advancement of technology, we now have UBER services where with just a few clicks of a finger we can order someone to come and pick us up.  With services such as Door Dash we can order food from almost any restaurant in the world and have the food delivered. 

When looking at technology there is a lot that we can be thankful for and a lot that we need to be cautious of.  Embrace technology but also know where it came from.