Living With Dental Implants

There is nothing wrong with living with dental implants.  In fact, dental implants minneapolis have come such a long way that it will take a real examination of your mouth to determine if you have natural teeth or implants.

When it comes to living with dental implants your life will not change that much, except that you will now be able to eat normally and the pain that you had without having implants will go away.  It will just take some time for the transition to feel normal, but the time will come.

Preparing for implants

At the end of the day having implants isn’t as simple as going to the store, picking out some teeth and checking out at the register.  There is an entire process that needs to be done and this can take some time and can be painful.  But, if you can cover the pain and the expense, the results will be amazing.

Removing your old teeth

The first step in the process is to remove your old teeth.  Before you can have new teeth implanted the dentist will need to remove your old teeth and you will need to allow your gums to heal.  After a few weeks your mouth should be prepared for the next step of the process.

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Installing the plate

The next step in the process is to install the plate and implant hooks.  How this works is the dentist will install the reception plates for your teeth.  These will be drilled into your jaw and screwed in.  From here your mouth and jaw will need to heal again. 

Installing your teeth

The final step of the process is to have your teeth installed.  This is done by inserting each tooth into the plate area and screwing it in.  The dentist will then of course need to make adjustments but from this point forward you will have a full set of teeth that you can be proud of.